Ubuntu Smartphones Coming In October

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With already crowded smartphone OS market, Ubuntu is joining the battle. Earlier this year, Canonical has revealed the Ubuntu for Phones, a new mobile operating system. Ubuntu's advantage over the others is that any application built for the mobile operating system will also work on the desktop devices.

"We expect Ubuntu to be popular in the enterprise market, enabling customers to prov***on a single secure device for all PC, thin client and phone functions. We also see an opportunity in basic smartphones that are used for the phone, SMS, web and email, where Ubuntu outperforms thanks to its native core apps and stylish presentation," said Canonical's CEO Jane Silber.

The biggest problem is who will manufacture a device for a new and unproven platform. According to Canonical, the company behind the open-source platform Ubuntu, new devices with Ubuntu OS should see the light of day this October in two geographically large markets.

Ubuntu will face some strong competition such as Windows Phone, BlackBerry 10, Apple iOS, Google Android and Firefox OS. What do you think, will Ubuntu for Phones succeed?